Disc One

01 Blunderbuss The Burning Bellhop
02 Creta Bourzia Our Own
03 Arrivals & Departures What’s French For...
04 Mihaly Brains
05 Cattletrap Pregnate
06 Thee Speaking Canaries Summer Band
07 Pay Toilets Better Than Murder
08 Teddy Duchamp’s Army Corporal
09 McCarthy Commission Mind Set
10 The Code Riot
11 SF Firehydrant Punch One Out
12 Viragos Never Change
13 The New Alcindors Inseam
14 Weird Paul Human Eye
15 Young Steele Matula Trio Discharge, Distribute, Dismiss

Disc Two

01 Zombi Gemini
02 Lorelei Guardian Renegade
03 Life in Bed Throwback
04 (The) Alpha Control Group (C) The Baby Men
05 Io Dichotomy
06 Conelrad Life Is a Hoax
07 Microwaves Downtown Brown
08 Modey Lemon Apocalypse NO
09 Whatever It Takes City Streets Summer Heat
10 Human Brains My Hot Pants
11 Black Moth Super Rainbow Letter People Show
12 Strict Flow UR Not Ready
13 Beam 10072002